Welcome to EquiClimate

It’s time to act together to tackle climate change – and each individual can make a difference.

Since 2005, Ebico’s EquiClimate scheme has been providing a unique, practical way to help cut UK carbon emissions.

Through a simple process, we calculate your ‘carbon footprint’ – your own annual impact on the environment. You can then choose to clean it up by buying into EquiClimate, which in turn then buys credits from the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and withdraws these credits from the market.

For every individual who does this, the less carbon can be produced by major industrial polluters.

We really can make a difference – by working together to push market forces in the right direction. We can also make many other practical changes to our lifestyles that will ease the pressure on the environment. Why not find out how many emissions you produce and offset your CO2?  Or read more about how EquiClimate works.



"I offset my flights through your Equiclimate mechanism as I like the idea of removing carbon credits from the market."
Lynne Jones MP

Offset Your CO2

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